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Bacon Dog (1/4lb.) $ 9.25

The "Hot Dog" wrapped with crispy bacon.

Rurik Dog(1/4lb.) $ 10

The "Hot Dog" with Hatch Green Chile, Dice Caramelized Onion and Jack cheese.

Chili Dog(1/4lb.) $ 10

Going back to the old American basic, homemade chili deliciously prepared, served warm over the hot dog. Ask your server to add cheese, and onion .99 extra.

Hot Dog(1/4lb.) $ 7.5

Just plain and simple hot dog on a bun. Remember that condiments come on the side, so you will fix it to your preference.

Lava Dog(1/4lb.) $ 10.5

Melted jack, cheddar cheese, and crushed bacon mixed with chipotle sauce.

Mexicali Dog(1/4lb.) $ 10.

The "Hot Dog" wrapped with bacon and topped with Chopped tomato, onion, jalapenos, and pickles.

Onion Dog(1/4lb.) $ 9

The best seller, if you love onion this is the best selection, made with sauteed onions on top of the hot dog.

Rajita Dog(1/4lb.) $ 10.5

Strips of homemade green ortega chilies and melted jack cheese on top of the hot dog.