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Chicken Sandwich $ 8oz. 12.25 - 4oz. 8.25

Grilled chicken breast with lettuce & tomato on French bread, ask your server to add cheese, and bacon. (Additional Price!)

Cobb $ 8oz. 14 - 4oz. 11.25

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, lettuce, and tomato Served on a French bread.

French Dip $ 13.5

Grilled roast beef au-jus served on French bread with horseradish.

Philly Steak $ 15

Grilled roasted beef with melted jack cheese, grilled Anaheim peppers, and grilled onions Served on a French bread, with lettuce, and tomatoes on the side.

Red Hot Chicken Sandwich $ 13.25

6 oz lightly breaded chicken dipped in red hot sauce and topped with jack cheese served with lettuce and tomato on a French baguette.