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Caesar Salad $ 6.25

Romaine lettuce, deliciously prepared with our own Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese and croutons.

Champagne Salad $ 8.75

Spring Mix prepared with champagne dressing, topped with candied walnuts, dry cranberries, green apple, strawberries and blue cheese.

Cobb Salad $ 11.25

Chicken breast, avocado, blue cheese, bacon, tomato and lettuce.

Greek Salad $ 8.75

Mixed greens, feta cheese, olives, Pepperoncini, onion and cucumbers topped with Greek dressing.

Green Salad $ 7.5

Iceberg lettuce with carrots, tomato, mushrooms, zucchini, cucumbers, cheese and broccoli.

Machaca Salad $ 10.5

Green salad with Machaca.

Oriental Chicken Salad $ 10

Spring Mix deliciously prepared with oriental sesame ginger dressing, topped with chow mein noodles, mandarin oranges, carrots and roasted peanuts.

Rock Shrimp Salad $ 10.90

Rock Shrimp Tempura in hot sauce over Spring Mix salad with olive oil, lemon sauce and sea salt.

Steak Caesar Salad $ 13

Romaine lettuce prepared with Caesar dressing, topped with 4 oz of corn-fed beef tenderloin, avocado, tomato and Blue cheese.

Southern California Chopped Salad $ 10.25

Kale, Brussels sprout, broccoli, green cabbage, red cabbage, dry cranberries, fresh strawberries, blue cheese crumbles and cinnamon almonds tossed in our signature house salad dressing.