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Fish Tacos $ 15 / (single taco) 5.25

Three deep fried cod fish Tacos with cabbage, tomato, creme fraiche, and cheddar cheese.Served with beans and rice.

Carlos Terrazas Machaca Plate $ 10.5

1/2 pound machaca: Shredded beef prepared Mexican style with tomato, onions, and peppers. served with beans,and rice with your choice of flour or corn tortillas.

Chavela De Camarones $ 12.75

Cold shrimp deliciously prepared with clamato, cucumbers, avocado, tomato, onion, and cilantro. Served in a cold glass.

Chicken Tacos $ 11.75

Three Tacos with grilled chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato,Jack cheese, and creme fraiche. Served with beans, and rice.

Fajitas $ 16.25

Hot sizzling plate prepared with peppers, tomatoes, and onions served with a side of creme fraiche, guacamole, cheddar cheese, beans, rice and Choice of flour or corn tortillas.

Machaca Burrito Plate $ 7.25

Two machaca burritos served with beans, rice, lettuce & tomato.

Picadillo Plate $ 9.5

Grilled ground beef cooked in our own homemade salsa, served with beans, rice. With your choice flour or corn tortillas.

Poblano Burrito $ 9.5

Machaca wrapped in a flour tortilla, topped with melted jack cheese, and poblano sauce (made with tomatillos, green peppers, and onion), creme fraiche, and chives, served with beans, and rice.

Poor Man Tostadas $ 7.25

Three flat deep fried corn tortillas topped with beans, lettuce, tomato, jack cheese, and creme fraiche.

Rich Man Tostadas $ 12.25

Three flat deep fried corn tortillas, topped with beans, machaca, lettuce, tomato, jack cheese, creme fraiche & avocado.

Tacos Del Real $ 10.5

Three grilled soft corn tortillas with machaca, chorizo, onion, and cilantro. Served with beans, and rice.

Torta Borracha $ 14.25

Carne Asada topped with avocado, mayonnaise, and salsa. Served with French fries.

Tortilla Soup $ 6.75

A delicious Broth made with a variety of chilies and onions. The soup comes with chicken, avocado, jack cheese, and tortilla strips topped with a dollop of creme fraiche.

Camaronillas $ 14.25 / (single taco) 5.25

Grilled shrimp, crushed chili, tomato, and onion. Topped with avocado on three corn tortillas. Served with rice and beans on the side.

Enchiladas $ 9.25

2 Red Enchiladas made with chicken, onion, cheese, and creme fraiche. Served with beans, and rice.